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February 28, 2020
February 2020 Newsletter


By Richard E. Dalton, Business Manager

Winter has arrived, and the workload has slowed for the season. Stop at your regional training center and update your certificates. Everyone was mailed a training manual with a list of the basic class schedules, and additional classes will be scheduled as needed.

Everyone should have received a wall calendar in the mail. If not, contact your union hall for a replacement. The union halls also have a few pocket calendars available.

Labor History classes are once again underway. If you have never attended, please do so and learn a bit of organized labor history and the history of Local 18 and its current events. Pastries and coffee will be supplied in the morning, and lunch will be catered. All members who attend will be given a tee shirt and gift.

On April 30th, our master OCA Highway Heavy Agreement and the AGC Building Agreements will expire. We will begin negotiations with the two associations in the next month, so if you have any proposals for consideration, please submit them in writing to your district representative or to the Business Manager’s office by the end of this month.

2020 appears to be another good work year for the membership. ODOT has a decent budget for new construction and maintenance work. The past few ODOT lettings have been very active with upcoming projects. The vertical building work appears to be strong with projects in all districts. The work at the steel mills, refineries and gas plants will be very active this year as well.

The Local 18 phone app is now available for both android and Apple phones at the app stores by typing “IUOE 18”. Please download the app and register for valuable information, including copies of the OCA, AGC, Distribution Maintenance, and the CEA Agreements. Included in the app are member discounts from various retailers and access to the member XG website for Health and Welfare and Pension.

Most of the retirees’ clubs are taking a break during January and February, but check the retiree calendar on page 23 of the Buckeye Engineer for the retirees’ meeting in your district. If you have never attended a retiree meeting, stop in and visit. Most retirees’ meetings have guest speakers throughout the year with pertinent information for all retirees.

There have been numerous crane and heavy equipment accidents across the country this past year, many of which could have been prevented with routine inspections and maintenance of the equipment. Please don’t skip over the equipment inspections, and don’t hesitate to contact your employer with safety concerns about the equipment. The couple minutes it takes to do a walk around of the equipment could save your life or that of a coworker.

Have a Happy and Prosperous 2020!

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