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June 25, 2020
June 2020 Legislative Report


By Mark Totman, Legislation Representative

In early May, Ohio businesses were starting to reopen under the Governor’s Reopening Ohio Plan, after Governor DeWine and Director of Health Dr. Acton ordered all businesses to be closed, except for essential businesses, due to the health emergency of the coronavirus pandemic in March.

During the shutdown, construction was designated as an essential business. Our ODOT work has continued throughout the shutdown to keep Ohio’s roads and highways open and unimpeded for commerce, supplying essential businesses, such as hospitals and grocery stores, during the coronavirus emergency. Other construction projects such as building, pipeline, sewer, etc. have been continuing without much delay as well.

ODOT projects for 2020 are going to be proceeding as planned, with the exception of a couple of large projects, which will be moved to the fiscal year 2021 that starts July 1, 2020. We will be closely monitoring our ODOT work as we are keenly aware that the last few months of lost gas tax revenues will eventually affect the upcoming years’ funding for projects. Also, Ohio has lost approximately $775 million in recent months in tax revenues, so we will be monitoring the state’s future budget cuts that will come from this loss of revenue too. Obviously, we do not exist in a bubble.

In Washington D.C., we have been watching the stimulus packages that our elected officials have been pushing out the door to bolster businesses to help pay for furloughed workers. We have not heard of anything to date on a possible stimulus for infrastructure at this time, other than the occasional rumor mill. We will update you on any news as soon as we get it. With that, I’ll wrap this session and just remind you to stay safe and keep your family safe! We will get through this!

See you next month!

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