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May 31, 2021
April 2021 Newsletter


By Richard E. Dalton, Business Manager

Spring is on the way; soon, the grass will begin to grow, which points to the beginning of Ohio’s construction season.  The orange barrels will start to blossom along the roadways, and our loved ones will be in the work zones taking care of the Infrastructure maintenance needs.  Be careful in your travels and slow down in the work zones. The life you save is someone’s family member.

The ODOT budget for 2021 seems to be a good amount of funding which should create a decent work season for the Operating Engineers.  President Biden touts a Federal Infrastructure budget like none in the past.  Time will tell!  The contractors are reporting a decent amount of backlog of work to start the season, and ODOT has awarded a fair amount of work during the offseason.  Winter has been a little bit colder than in recent years and more snow than the past couple, resulting in more potholes and the need for additional maintenance.

The private sector building work may be somewhat of another story.  I would expect the work to be down due to the remote workforce and non-utilization of buildings.  As more and more people have been working from the house, businesses have no need for renovations or expansion. Routine maintenance will be down as well until the industry is back to full utilization of their facilities.

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