Local 18 Officers

Meet our leadership

Local 18’s leadership is elected by members from among their peers. Here are the people who work day in and day out on behalf of Ohio’s Operating Engineers.

Business Manager

Michael R. Bertolone

Michael is a first-generation and proud Ohio Operating Engineer Apprenticeship graduate. He became a member in 2004 and worked on various dirt and sewer projects across Northeast Ohio. He joined the staff of Local 18, where he has held many positions, including Organizer, Energy Project Representative, Business Representative, and Special Representative. He also served in the elected positions of Trustee, Financial Secretary, Recording Corresponding Secretary, Vice President, and Business Manager (since 2021). He is the Chairman of the Local 18 Pension Plan and is a Trustee for the Local 18 Health & Welfare and Apprenticeship Program.


Thomas P. Byers

Vice President

Robert L. Hughes

Rec.-Cor. Secretary

Joseph W. Casto, III

Financial Secretary

Thomas J. Perevosnik


Tony D. James

Scott R. Stevenson

Darrin Morgan

Chad C. Creeks


Ismael Gutierrez, Jr.

Jason D. Baker

Ronald A. Krohn, Jr.


Brent McCarty


Jerid Donley