Find out how a partnership with Local 18 can help your bottom line

Local 18 provides workers with the skills contractors need to ensure quality, efficiency and safety on their work sites, while contractors create vital job opportunities for Local 18’s members. That’s why Local 18 works hand in hand with Ohio’s contractors to ensure employers and workers can prosper together. In fact, Local 18 and Ohio’s large contractor organizations often collaborate on important legislation and policy matters because there is usually more that unites us than divides us.

When you become a union contractor working with Local 18, you get:

  • Skilled, well-trained, certified Operating Engineers who will help you when you get that public project for which you are now qualified to bid.
  • OSHA and safety-trained employees, making it easier for you to comply with bid specifications and insurance requirements.
  • More time on things other than recruiting. Dispatchers in each of Local 18’s five districts around Ohio and northern Kentucky will help you meet your individualized needs, providing you with qualified professionals who know their equipment and know how to meet deadlines.
  • Relief from seeking better rates for health coverage or administration of retirement funds. Local 18 has that responsibility, and our benefits programs are stable.
  • Our good-faith collective bargaining agreement, which creates a framework that sustains and advances your workforce.

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Some common questions and answers for contractors

Contact the appropriate district office and be specific as to the work agreement, job type and location in order to receive the proper pay and fringe contribution rates.

Your local district office will refer you to the appropriate organizer.

Contact the district office that covers the county your project is in. Ask for the dispatcher and give specific details of the equipment, project and operator needed.


The contract has provisions for that.

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