Benefits Information

Local 18: Watching out for our members

Local 18 provides Ohioans with good-paying jobs and benefits without the need for a four-year degree. Our comprehensive health benefits and pensions rival those offered by major employers, and our industry-leading apprenticeships and free training allow members to advance their skills over their careers.

Competitive Pay

A career as an Operating Engineer means competitive pay and a fair contract. While you’ll earn more as you gain experience, all Operating Engineers enjoy competitive wage packages. Pay rates are based on experience, job type and location.

Union members earn 30% more than non-union workers.

Nationwide, unionized employees are 19% more likely to have employer-provided health coverage than non-union employees. Local 18 offers a health program providing medical, prescription drug, loss of time and death benefits to members. Medical and prescription drug benefits are also available to members’ spouses and dependent children.

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92% of union workers have job-related health coverage.

Pension Benefits

Unionized employees across the country are also 25% more likely to have an employer-sponsored pension than non-union employees. Local 18’s Pension Fund is a plan providing retirement income to members. Full retirement benefits are available at age 62 and members as young as 57 can qualify for early reduced retirement benefits. Upon retirement, members can choose one of several monthly benefit options. Death benefits are also available to a member’s spouse or beneficiary if the member dies before retirement.

Local 18’s 16,000 members log more than 200,000 hours of free training every year.

The Education and Safety Fund allows members who work for companies participating in this program to divert money from their wages to fund annual scholarship awards. Dependents who meet specific criteria may also apply. Scholarships are based on the money available and the number of eligible applicants who apply and are intended for tuition, fees, and books.

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